The LA Trail Hikers take pride in the hiking community they have built and the quality of its long standing leadership team. Just recently the LA Trail Hikers had been on a search for a few new hike leads to join the core team of leaders that would start during the 2012 hiking season. Of  the candidates that were scouted, only a few were reached out to and admitted to try out for the position. Of those who continued the process, only those who showed the best skills, character, attitude, and leadership would move on to be considered by the LATH Leadership Team. The following are the results of the LATH Hike Lead Candidate try-outs.

We would like you to join us in celebrating the awarded individuals who will be added to the list of LATH Hike Leads in 2012:

Diana Herrera (Left)
Janiece Cordova (Right)
Jerry Reyes (Middle)

They have shown the utmost leadership skills we could find of those who entered the run for the position. They highly demonstrated the ability to lead and care for other as well as take charge under a set of general guidelines followed by all LATH Hike Leads. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Diana, Janiece, and Jerry to the team of LATH Hike Leads!

On behalf of the entire Leadership Team, congratulations!

Jason Bazalar
Founder/Organizer/Hike Lead
LA Trail Hikers