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You can purchase a National Forest Adventure Pass, Day ($5, Pink in color) or Annual ($30, color depends on year), at most major L.A. area sporting good stores like REI and Big 5.

For a list of local Adventure Pass vendors, visit this page (if you can, call ahead to make sure they have some as they do sometimes run out in certain locations):

If you do get a Day Pass, we suggest not scratching off the date until you are sure you will need it at the hike. If there is no need to use it that day (say, you end up not going to your hike because of bad weather), you can save it for use on a different date. However, if you will need it for your vehicle, then make sure you you scratch off the month and day of your hike and hang it on your rear view mirror (facing forward) for best visibility. The pass is good until 10 a.m. the morning after it is used.

If you get an Annual Pass and need a pass for a second vehicle, you can get an additional annual pass for an additional $5  by asking for a “Second Vehicle Annual Pass” at the same time you purchase your primary annual pass. That’s a total of $35 for two annual passes for your two vehicles. Note, that unlike the Day Pass, your Annual Pass will be hole punched at the time of purchase to indicate the expiration month of the following year. And, just as well, remember to hang it on your rear view mirror (facing forward) for best visibility.

The Adventure Pass is accepted at all of the following National Forests:

  • Angeles National Forest
  • Cleveland National Forest
  • Los Padres National Forest
  • San Bernardino National Forest

More general information about the Adventure Pass and where it is needed can be found here: