The LA Trail Hikers has some amazing volunteers! They commit their time and efforts to make our group one of the best hiking groups in Los Angeles. Feel free to thank them for their efforts. Here are the awesome individuals that help make our group a success!

LATH Hike Leads

Carol LeBlanc
Carol Martinez
Gaspar Marroquin
Henry Abarca
Irma Padilla
Isabel Fonseca
Janiece Cordova
Jason Bazalar
Robert Bittner
Sylvia Quinteros
Tony Ramos

Are you interested in becoming a LATH Hike Lead? Let us know: Click Here

LATH Digital Team

Brooke York
Caesar Estrada
Cindy Pena
Debbi Converse
Harvey Fiji
Jason Bazalar
Juan Bena
Justine Orantes
Katie Martinez
Linh Le
Maria Crawford
Peter Flanigan

Are you interested in joining the LATH Digital Team? Send us a message via any of our social accounts or email ([email protected])