Today marks 3 exciting years since the LA Trail Hikers organization first got its name and became open to all on August 17, 2009. It doesn’t come without any surprise that, after our first two years being a hiking group, we continue to grow and become a real staple for the hiking community within the Greater Los Angeles area. This group is definitely a gem less known.

We’ve gone from 3 friends, who wanted to go visit a so-called waterfall (Sturtevant Falls), to hundreds of hikers walking, hiking, trekking, and traveling together through various trails to seek beautiful scenery, serenity, and adventure. Of course, there are many other hiking groups out in the area, but this is our take on it, and it seems to work just fine.

From beginners and first-time hikers to experienced and adventurous backpackers, we encompass a variety of people who participate and make up the core participants of this organization. Having such a mix of experience levels allows our group to learn from each other about hiking basics to more seasoned topics. And where would we be without leadership? Even our hike leads find that it is important to provide essential information along the hikes. They, of all hikers, do put their time and effort into the group to help it become what it is today. It is important to recognize their efforts and thank them for what they do for our little-group-that-could.

Every smile on our hikes always adds a little history and meaningfulness to our beloved group. And in best hopes, there will be many more to talk about and share as we continue to move forward on every trail we hike.

On behalf of the LA Trail Hikers organization, thank you for being part of our little hiking group. You all play an important roll in keeping us motivated and becoming what we never imagined.


Jason Bazalar
Founder/Organizer/Hike Lead
LA Trail Hikers