UPDATE: Submissions for LATH Hike Lead are now over.

The LA Trail Hikers are looking for new hike leads to join the LATH Leadership Team!

Have you ever wanted to help others enjoy the beauty of nature? Have you been looking for an opportunity to inspire people to get out and live a healthier life? Well, this might be your chance do that! We will be accepting LATH Hike Lead interest form submissions from November 19 to November 30 December 9. Show us your interest in becoming a hike lead by filling out the form below. We’ll be looking over all interested candidates and will contact those we think will would be great picks to be part of the team. They will undergo a training session that may be covered  in 1 to 2 half days. All persons chosen to be hike leads will start during the earlier part of our 2013 hiking season. The following should give you an idea of what is expected of hike leads and what they do.

Our Hike Leads:
– Are volunteers who have a passion for hiking.
– Schedule hikes around their availability.
– Follow a set of guidelines to provide a great experience for all.
– Make time to help others learn about hiking, parks, and gear.
– Explore new trails and pre-scout hikes for our hikers.
– Become inspiration to our hikers.
– Meet together to schedule hikes and other group activities.
– Participate in group activities aside from hiking.
– Do share concerns, questions, suggestions and solutions with each other.
– And commit to making sure the group continues its ongoing success.

We are looking forward to starting a new season with great new leads to continue onward with our little beloved hiking group. If you have any questions about this, please email [email protected].