Join us in welcoming five new hike leads the LA Trail Hikers – Gianni Manzano, Syliva Quinteros, Jorge Jimenez, Carol Martinez, and Jose Luis Gonzalez!


These outstanding individuals have demonstrated their passion and leadership in wanting to promote the spirit of hiking and health among our hikers. Their entrance to the group brings the hike lead count to an astounding 13! The group has definitely grown since 2009. They are here to help us motivate more hikers to continue enjoying nature the way we have been the past few years. We are excited to have them join our team and look forward to have them leading you on more adventures through nature in, and around, the greater Los Angeles area. They will start leading hikes this May and on. If you participating in one of their upcoming hikes, feel free to give them a warm welcome. We now invite you to learn a little more about your new LA Trail Hikers leads.

gianniGianni Manzano
Gianni started like many of us from ground zero. Although, still new to the activity, he shows leadership skills to motivate others to get out and move. He stands with a focus on improving our hikers’ health. He notes:
My experience with LATH has proven to be one of the best decision I have made in regards to my own health and well being. It has awaken in me a passion to seek out new places to explore as well as promote my own physical well being and those of my loved ones.

sylviaSylvia Quinteros
Sylvia comes to the group with in-depth experience as a hiker. She felt that the group provided her a sense of belonging and wants to share that same experience with hikers. She told us that:
I have always enjoyed nature and just being outdoors. I am a tree hugger and enjoy being amongst them. I have been hiking since I was girl scout and have been in and out of hiking ever since. Hiking is my favorite form of exercise.

Jorge Jimenez

Jorge comes from a strong hiking background and enjoys higher level hikes. As with the other hike leads, Jorge looks forward to sharing his experience to motivate hikers to continue a passion for the outdoors. He tells us:
I have always like the outdoors and the passion in hiking. I started hiking when I was young and from there I realized the beauty of hiking to destinations that could only be reached through hiking.

carolCarol Martinez

Carol knows the challenges that come with starting a new activity, but she has always given it her all. She is highly determined and looks to inspire others to explore nature and find a love for their activity. She expresses:
Hiking has changed my life for the better in so more ways than one. Each hike brings a tranquility of God’s beauty that takes away any stress that I might be experiencing at that given time. I enjoy meeting new people on each hike and thrive to stay fit and healthy.

joseJose Luis Gonzalez
Jose looks to help other accomplish their outdoor goals. His leadership has surfaced within the group while being quite active and responsive to being there for others. His looks to provide the best hiking experience for hikers under his leadership. When asked, why he enjoyed hiking, he mentioned:
Seeing Los Angeles from a different view and a great way to get it.


Show them an LA Trail Hikers warm welcome and leave them a message below: