patriciadraftIt’s not easy getting started in an activity that we’ve never tried, or know much about, including hiking. The LA Trail Hikers group is composed of hikers with different experience levels. Those with years of hiking experience, and those with none. A while back the LATH Hike Leads talked about having a Beginner Hiker initiative which would make sure that we would provide entry level hikes for those just getting started with the group and/or activity. Of those who have committed to this agenda since then, Patricia De Leon was one of the hike leads who believed in and encouraged hikers to get started by leading quite a few of these beginner hikes. She was one of the first hike leads our new hikers would experience their first hikes through. Earlier this year, Patricia honorably stepped down as a LATH hike lead to pursue trails and adventures that would allow her to grow as a hiker in her own way. The group has quite understanding, and wished her the best in her future plans along a new path.

Today, the LA Trail Hikers would like to recognize her commitment and leadership, with the group, by giving her special thanks on behalf of all the LATH Hike Leads and every hiker who has hiked under her guidance. Although she is no longer leading for the group, she has noted that she would remain active when possible as a fellow hiker. For all her time and great judgement, and all the hikers who you have inspired, we thank you Patricia!

Patricia De Leon
LATH Hike Lead: 2010-2013
LATH FB Profile: “In pursuit of providing a better hiking experience, she will be providing beginners a better sense of preparedness and information. Her experience moving from beginner to hike lead has given her just the right attitude to help those starting off with the group.”

If you have ever hiked with Patricia, you may want to send her a personal thank you by leaving her a comment below: