lath2013thanksAs another LATH hiking season passes by, and another year comes to a close, it strengthens my heart know that our ‘little group that could’ has been able to inspire and motivate so many new and established hikers, just as it has been doing for the past few years. Throughout this 2013 hiking season, as with all prior years, I continue to be approached by hikers who fondly express their appreciation for the creation and efforts of the group. You can imagine my humble gratitude when I receive such kind words and stories of motivation and success from these uplifted individuals. It seems this group delivers a type of encouragement that is reflected in the expressions and smiles of our hikers as they establish, or continue to develop, their hiking skills with the LA Trail Hikers.

The group is composed of many different individuals, all with different stories and backgrounds. Something to be quite proud of, I would say, given we live in one of the biggest melting pots of cultures, Los Angeles. However, the group is nurtured by the help of some of these individuals. To make the magic happen, it takes the time and commitment of some very special volunteers. Everything from organizing, leading, to delivering updates online, the essential duties of these individuals makes our group what it is. This year has been quite a triumph, and I would like to make sure that the hardworking folks, that deliver their efforts behind-the-scenes, receive a special thanks for having made our 2013 LATH Hiking season a success. The following are the ones that really deserve your thanks, as well as mine:

Peter Flanigan – LATH Twitter Manager
Diana Herrera – LATH Hike Lead
Tony Ramos – LATH Hike Lead
Carol Martinez – LATH Hike Lead
Effin Gentry – LATH Hike Lead
Janiece Cordova – LATH Hike Lead
Jose Luis Gonzalez – LATH Hike Lead
Irma Padilla – LATH Hike Lead
Mona Ibrahim – LATH Hike Lead
Jorge Jimenez – LATH Hike Lead
Sylvia Quinteros – LATH Hike Lead
Gianni Manzano – LATH Hike Lead
Patricia De Leon – Former LATH Hike Lead

If you have learned about and/or joined us on a hike any time during 2013, it may have been thanks to the perseverance of these amazing people. They are personally commended on my end for being such a great team to work with. Believe me, they do more than you imagine, but do it with great pride and enthusiasm. And for this, I am thankful and quite appreciative. With the 2014 LATH Hiking Season (our 5th year doing this) right around the corner, I can only hope that the these individuals continue to excite the hearts of hikers, new and experienced. And, if not with our group, then in their own way. In addition, I do have one more special thanks to give.

My last, but quite meaningful, noted recognition goes out to each hiker who has been joined us this year. Yes, you. Without you, we are not a group. Without you we would not be where we are now. Without you, we would not have reach all the peaks, turn-back points, waterfalls, and destinations of every hike we’ve ventured. Without you, we would not be the LA Trail Hikers. You are the significant detail in making it all happen. I thank you for being part of our hiking family and hope that you continue to join us for many more adventures and smiles as begin a new chapter in this group’s history.

On behalf of the LA Trail Hikers, may you, and your loved ones, share in a prosperous New Year that will continue to fill your year with many adventures and smiles.

Admirably yours,

Jason Bazalar
Founder | Organizer | Hike Lead
LA Trail Hikers