anniversary_6thOver the past 5 years we have been able to show many people what nature can be in and around the city of Los Angeles. Essentially, their own backyards. We hike for health. We hike to socialize. We hike for fun. We hike simply because we have a passion for it. Today, August 17, 2015, the LA Trail Hikers start year six, and it’s all thanks to each one of you. A very special thanks to each one of our LATH Hike Leads and LATH Digital Team members for their ongoing commitment in helping making this group what it is today. We look forward to many more hikes with each one of you. Thank you everyone! Remember, each one of our hikers is an LA Trail Hiker. But, together, we are the LA Trail Hikers. ‪#‎GoLATH‬

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The LATH Digital Team keeps you updated on upcoming LATH hikes/events, provide outdoor news/updates, share fun pictures, and help answer your hiking or LATH questions. So make sure you connect with us online!  If you take pictures on our hikes, don’t forget to tag your LATH hike posts, photos, and updates with #LATH or #latrailhikers show others what it’s like to be out with our group!