The LA Trail Hikers guided hikes are led by a team of experienced hike leads. They are known to be the leaders, mentors, and caretakers of the group’s hikers.


Jason Bazalar – Since 2009
The founder and lead organizer of the LA Trail Hikers. His vision was to get people to explore and discover what nature had to provide in the Los Angeles area. He shows great leadership and support to his fellow hikers by being highly active with the LA Trail Hikers both on the trails and online.

Tony Ramos – Since 2009
He’s quite the busy body with a great personality. He has been with the LA Trail Hikers since its formation. He’s the person to turn to when you need a clear answer about the hike and technology.

Irma Padilla – Since 2010
She is well known for being quite active in many outdoor activities. She is very approachable and quite energetic. If you have questions about your hike, she is very well equipped with an answer for you.

Janiece Cordova – Since 2011
New to the leadership team, she enjoys hikes that provide a bit more of workout. But she work you out and keep you giggling and smiling all the way to the end of the trail. She gives “happy hikers” a new meaning.

Sylvia Quinteros – Since 2013
Sylvia comes to the group with in-depth experience as a hiker. She felt that the group provided her a sense of belonging and wants to share that same experience with hikers.

Carol Martinez – Since 2013
Carol knows the challenges that come with starting a new activity, but she has always given it her all. She is highly determined and looks to inspire others to explore nature and find a love for their activity.

Gaspar Marroquin – Since 2016
An active hiker and leader with our group and the Pasadena Hiking Pacers. He does give his attention to hikers who really need that additional help.

Robert Bittner – Since 2017
With great experience with the Santa Monica Mountains, he does go east and has plenty of leading experience with groups.

Isabel Fonseca – Since 2017
Isabel has been an active hiker with the LA Trail Hikers. She is ready to get started with the group in this new way and looking to help motivate and inspire new hikers.

Henry Abarca – Since 2018
An avid hiker with the group, Henry felt he would move on the the next step by leading others on great hiking adventures just as he had been led in the past.

Carol LeBlanc – Since 2018
A long time hiker with our group, she decided it was time to propel the ambitions of new hikers with her own personal experience on the trails.

Brenda Lee – Since 2019
With a great refreshing spirit, Brenda brings us knowledge of trails in the Thousand Oaks area and other trails in coastal area. She is ready to work with new hikers as well.