Happy Birthday LA Trail Hikers!

On August 17, 2009, a highly committed, unnamed, group of friendly hikers became the LA Trail Hikers. From a simple conversation that sparked from the word “hiking,” to a successful group that hikes all over greater Los Angeles, it was not foreseen that the LA Trail Hikers would become a such a hit with the people of its land. On August 17, 2011, the LA Trail Hikers will be celebrating it’s second year of existence. The group has grown from eight to thousands of hikers from all over Southern California. Join us in Celebrating with a Potluck hike out in one of our oldest hiking areas, Griffith Park. We’ll have a short hike in Northeast side of Griffith Park and have a grand time as we have a great little feast.

We welcome any hikers who wish to bring some good food that they may carry with them on the hike and will want to share with other hikers. Keep in mind that the hike will be shorter than any hike we’ve had in the past to accommodate the potluck. Try not to bring anything too big that may take too long to clean up or may be too heavy to carry. Other than that, you should be good. You can find the hike details at the following link:


And for those of you who will not be able to join us, we take this moment to thank all the hikers who have joined us during these past 2 years. We have had many adventures and it’s all thanks to you.

Thank you.

Welcome to LA Trail Hikers v2.0

We welcome everyone to the new version of the LA Trail Hikers website!  We’ve upgraded and got many new features for you to use.  If you are a returning user, you may need to re-upload an emma stone pokies avatar (otherwise you’ll have the dark shadow figure as your default).  We will be adding new functionality as conditions allow.  However, we do hope you enjoy this cleaner version.

LA Trail Hikers
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