Water during flowing seasons (Nov-May).

TRAIL NAME: Fish Canyon Falls – Azusa, CA

HIKE DATEFriday, June 03, 2016

MEETING TIME: 8:30am – 8:45am
(We’ll wait at most 15 mins here, and leave the trail head at 8:45 am)
Return Approx: 11:30am

HIKE LEADS: Carol Martinez

HIKE LEVEL:  Level 4 – (Moderate workout with narrow trail sections)

Find out more about hiking levels here:


HIKE DISTANCE: 4.5 Miles (Round Trip)

HIKE DURATION: 2.5 Hours (approx)

Waterfall during dry season.

Waterfall during dry a season.

Vulcan Materials Trail Parking Lot
3901 Fish Canyon Rd.
Azusa, CA 91702

PARKING: Free, however, the medium-sized parking lot (about 25 – 30 parking spots), may have some spots in use on weekends by other visitors, so please consider carpooling prior to going to the meeting point to minimize usage. Enter the designated “Trail ->” parking gate entrance on the right.

TRAIL WALKTHROUGH:  Fish Canyon is a four and a half mile round trip hike on a moderate trail. We’ll meet in the parking lot, by the trail entrance. The trail is narrow for most of our trip. We start with a small section that goes through the mining area (Fish Canyon Access Trail) to get us to the single trail area on the left side of the quarry. From there we’ll see the yellow bridge, which indicates the starting point of the canyon trail. You’ll go through plenty of sun-exposed areas (be well prepared for hot weather and sun beating down on you), pass by greenery sections, rock formations, and some wild flowers. There are some small uphill sections and short switchbacks that we’ll be taking. The trail tends to have a high exposure of poison ivy along the trail so keep within the middle of the trail (don’t bring shorts on this hike) so you don’t touch the leaves on the side of the trail. On the way there will be many narrow technical sections, including having to step down a tree (that was made part of the trail) that has some wiring to help go down. During wet seasons, there are a couple of water crossings that, although not deep, may possibly wet your shoes, so be prepared for this type of crossing. However, during dry seasons, this will not apply at all. At the end of the trail, there is a three tiered 80 foot high water fall with pools at the bottom. (Dry Seasons: We will not experience this as there is no active waterfall).  We will rest at the waterfall formation area (with or without water). Then we’ll head back along the same trail to head back.

NOTE: During summer time, the waterfall may not be as heavy flowing, or completely dry, so don’t be caught by surprise. But, don’t let this stop you from taking this great hike!

WATER REQUIRED. WATER CHECK WILL BE PERFORMED. If you do not take enough water or are not appropriately equipped for this hike, you will be turned away from doing this hike with us even if you show up. Hydration packs are great for such water necessities. Please note, that we have expectations for Level 4 hikers. Read all the details.

REQUIRED: At least 2 liters of water. Sunscreen. A hat. Comfortable hiking shoes with grip. And, follow all trail rules set by the Azusa Rock Quarry (http://www.azusarock.com/trail_rules.html)

RECOMMENDED:  As a preventative measure, we recommend long hiking pants or wind breakers to prevent touching the poison oak along majority of the trail and can grow out enough (more so during and after spring) to brush against your legs. Bring  some snacks to have at the turnback point. Hiking poles are helpful.

RESTROOMS: There are no available restrooms at the meeting point or along the trail.

DOG FRIENDLY?:  Although dogs are allowed (only on Saturday & Sunday, per the quarry). We strongly urge against bringing dogs on this hike due to the high exposure to poison oak. The oils from the poison oak can get onto dog’s fur and may be a bad experience for your pet, yourself, and other hikers. And, this is definitely not the place to bring an inexperienced hiking dog.


1. Read the Hike’s Details we link at the very top of this page.
2. Make sure that the Hike Level accommodates your hiking experience.
3. If, and only if it suits you, then RSVP for this event and show up the day of the hike with all necessary gear and water (we mention everything you need on the details page for this hike).

We take your safety quite seriously, and would not like for you to attend a hike you’re not ready for.  You know your body and hiking experience better than your friends. Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced hiker, please read our hike details page as the hike may not suite your experience level. We have a better experience if every hike has hikers of the intended level.

DISCLAIMER: LA Trail Hikers and its Leads/Organizers/Participants do not take responsibility for any harm,bodily injury, accidents, or damage to personal property. By clicking “Attending,” or attending the hike, you confirming that you understand that all outdoor activity such as hiking, backpacking, and trekking have an associated danger, and will not hold any hike lead/organizer, participant, LA Trail Hikers, or any group associated pet responsible for any hazard to your well being. Additionally, you will not be allowed to participate with the group if you are not adequately prepared with enough water and the right gear/equipment/nutrition essential to complete the hike. You are fully responsible for yourself.

From the 605 Freeway:
1) Head north on the 605 to its end at Huntington Drive in Duarte.
2) Turn Right on Huntington (East) until you reach Encanto Parkway (about 3/4 miles). Encanto Pkwy is just past a 7 Eleven store. It does not have a signal light but does have a left turn pocket.
3) Turn Left (North) on Encanto Parkway and drive to the end of the road (about 2 miles). Do not turn left on the residential version of Fish Canyon Rd. Keep going in north on Encanto.
4) Continue on Encanto, it will turn into Fish Canyon Road until it ends at the Quarry (Vulcan Materials Entrance). Enter through the right to access the Trail Gate.

From 210 Freeway travelling east:
1) As approaching the 605 Freeway take the Mt. Olive Exit North to Huntington Drive.
2) Follow directions above starting with No. 2.

From the 210 Freeway traveling west:
1) Exit at Irwindale Ave and Turn right (North) to Huntington Drive (about 1/10 miles).
2) Turn Left at Huntington Drive (West) and take to Encanto Parkway (about 1 mile).  Encanto Parkway is the first street over the bridge for the San Gabriel River.
3) Turn Right (North) on Encanto Parkway and drive to the end of the road (about 2 miles). Do not turn left on the residential version of Fish Canyon Rd. Keep going in north on Encanto.
4) Continue on Encanto, it will turn into Fish Canyon Road until it ends at the Quarry (Vulcan Materials Entrance). Enter through the right to access the Trail Gate.