KCET.org’s new website provides a plethora of new features and community involvement.  For all of us who would like some fun and great advice for summer plans, KCET.org has really hit the spot by providing us various list of Top 10 things to do and experience in the Southern California area.  One of these happens to be a Top 10 list of hikes.  Some members of LA Trail Hikers were asked to contribute to their list of nature filled hikes.  These recommendations were based on the hikes our members have truly enjoyed and considered part of our own top list.  You can check out the fully compiled list here:

LA Trail Hikers on KCET.org’s Top 10 Summer Hikes:

Show them some appreciation and leave a comment on their posting.  It’s always great to see the LA Trail Hikers be acknowledged by great organizations such as KCET!

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