Social Event Plan Upcoming Hikes and Leads (06-24-2010)

Thursday, June 24, 2010
7:30pm – 9:30pm
Casa De Luna Coffee House
9835 Belmont st
Bellflower, CA

The LA Trail Hikers will be meeting on Thursday, June 24, 2010 to organize the trails they want to do in the months of July and August. It is a great way to plan out a few Sundays ahead of time so you can invite others accordingly. We will also like to have different hikers volunteer to lead some of the hikes. Any other ideas, comments, or suggestions will be welcome. We may even be able to plan some scouting for new hikes. This is also a great opportunity for new and prospective members to meet with current hikers to get information and an idea of what we do.

We’ll get together at Casa De Luna Coffee House at 7:30pm (we will have the back room reserved for us). By the way, they have great coffee & Tea. All members/fans of LA Trail Hikers are welcome to join in on this event to provide us some feedback. We hope to see you there!


LA Trail Hikers on’s Top 10 Summer Hikes’s new website provides a plethora of new features and community involvement.  For all of us who would like some fun and great advice for summer plans, has really hit the spot by providing us various list of Top 10 things to do and experience in the Southern California area.  One of these happens to be a Top 10 list of hikes.  Some members of LA Trail Hikers were asked to contribute to their list of nature filled hikes.  These recommendations were based on the hikes our members have truly enjoyed and considered part of our own top list.  You can check out the fully compiled list here:

LA Trail Hikers on’s Top 10 Summer Hikes:

Show them some appreciation and leave a comment on their posting.  It’s always great to see the LA Trail Hikers be acknowledged by great organizations such as KCET!

LA Trail Hikers
Hike! Explore! Live!

Meeting Recap (04-21-2010) * [UPDATED]

*We apologize for the late recap posting from our last meeting


We had a very electric gathering with many new faces to the social on April 21, 2010.  We had plenty of great ideas and a good listing of hikes. We will be doing a few new things in the upcoming months


Alright, so here’s the full listing of hikes/events as listed for May and June at the meeting (please note changes/additions/removals may be made at anytime):

5/1/2010    Saturday    Irma Padilla    Fish Falls

5/2/2010    Sunday    Jason Bazalar    Eaton Canyon Falls
5/9/2010    Sunday    Mother’s Day   (No Hike)
5/15/2010    Saturday    Jason Bazalar    Red Rock, Las Vegas
5/16/2010    Sunday    Linda Cota    Echo Mountain
5/23/2010    Sunday    Jason Bazalar    Hollywood Sign
5/29/2010    Saturday    Irma Padilla    Shady Canyon (Road Trip – Irvine)
5/30/2010    Sunday    Luis Salazar    Monrovia Canyon Falls

6/6/2010    Sunday    Luis Salazar    Bridge to Nowhere
6/13/2010    Sunday    Lorena Rodriguez    Echo Mountain
6/20/2010    Sunday    Effin Gentry   Monrovia Canyon Falls
6/23/2010    Weds    Jason Bazalar    Social / Hike Planning
6/27/2010    Sunday    Jason Bazalar    Topanga Overlook


We discussed a few ideas regarding some upcoming events:

LATH Planning Meeting/Group Social
DATE: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 @ 7:30pm
LOCATION: Casa De Luna Coffee House – Bellflower, CA
NOTE: This date, time and venue were chosen by the meeting attendees.

NOTE: This date, time and venue will be setup at a later time.

LATH Beach Day
NOTE: This date, time and venue will be setup at a later time.

LATH Bike Ride
NOTE: This date, time and venue will be setup at a later time.

LATH Bonfire
NOTE: This date, time and venue will be setup at a later time.


No updates at this moment.


We discussed setting up the following:

SUB LEADS:  These Hikers will assist the main hike lead in organizing and maintaining the group in order.  This will give our hikers access to more resources of information and guidance on the hikes. Those who wish to be a volunteer sub lead please advise the Hike Lead/Hike Organizer so they may be listed as such.

EXPLORATION HIKES: These are hikes that allow more experienced hikers the opportunity to explore and ‘scope out’ trails that the group has not been on, or has not current  information for.  Usually impromptu and unsanctioned as one of the designated LATH hikes, the exploration hikes provide limited to no relevant details of the difficulty and type of terrain to be encountered.  These will usually be prompted by experienced members who wish to go on extra hikes, or to scope one for the group to do at a later time.

FUND-RAISING: We also discussed the idea of fund-raising to acquire membership with the American Hiking Association. There is a yearly cost.  If you would like to find out more, you may do so here:

We are looking for dates and places for the upcoming events listed above (not to mention comments, questions, ideas, concerns, and opinions about this recap), if you have any ideas feel free to comment on this post and share it with our other LATH members!

Red Rock (Las Vegas, NV) – Road Trip Hike (Saturday May 15, 2010) **UPDATED**

Red Rock Road Trip Hike this Saturday in Las Vegas, NV! Have you made your hotel reservations yet? It’s not too late! Full details for the Las Vegas meeting point later will posted up later today.

Please check this post for the updated information:


REAL HIKE NAME: Red Rock Canyon State Park, Las Vegas Road Trip

HIKE LEAD: Jason Bazalar

HIKE DATE: May 15, 2010

MEETUP TIME:  8:30 am – 8:50 am

Albertson’s Grocery Store Parking Lot
11720 W Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89135


NOTE: If you take the freeway, you take the same exit you would for the Red Rock Casino and make a left on Charleston.

DRIVE TO HIKE: 8:50 am – 9:00 am

HIKE DURATION: 2.5 Hours (approx)

LENGTH: 4 Miles (Round trip)

HIKE TYPE:  Moderate-Easy to Moderate-Medium

PARKING FEE: $5 Canyon Park Pass

RECOMMENDED: Comfortable hiking shoes/boots, hiking socks, SUN SCREEN, backpack or camelpak, a snack, and 2 to 2 1/2 liters of water.


SPECIAL NOTE: Please note that each person is responsible for their own transportation and accommodation. LA Trail Hikers is not providing anything other than the meetup information.
DISCLAIMER: LA Trail Hikers and its Leads/Organizers/Participants do not take responsibility for any harm,bodily injury, accidents, or damage to personal property. By clicking “Attending” you confirming that you understand that all outdoor activity such as hiking, backpacking, and trekking have an associated danger, and will not hold any hike lead/organizer, participant, LA Trail Hikers, or any group associated pet responsible for any hazard to your well being. You are fully responsible for yourself.


Meeting Recap (02-24-2010)


The LATH Meeting on 02-24-2010 was quite productive and very insightful.  We had a small team, but we covered many things.  Here is a summary of what we planned out for our members.


We planned a total of 11 hikes scheduled for the months of March & April 2010:

SUN 3/7 – La Verne (Medium Beginner) Eaton Canyon Falls (Easy Moderate)
SAT 3/13 – Arroyo Pescadero Trail (Easy Beginner) – NEW
SUN 3/14 – Hollywood Sign (Medium Moderate)
SUN 3/21 – Monrovia (Medium Moderate) – NEW
SAT 3/27 – Fish Falls (Medium Moderate) – NEW (Moved to April 2010)
SUN 3/28 – Arcadia Waterfalls (Easy Moderate)

SUN 4/4 – Etiwanda Preserve (Moderate) – NEW
SAT 4/10 – Fish Falls (Medium Moderate) – NEW
SUN 4/11 – Whittier II (Moderate) – NEW
SUN 4/18 – Echo Mountain (High Moderate)
SAT 4/24 – Mt. Wilson from Chantry Flats (Medium Advanced) – NEW
SUN 4/25 – Hacienda Heights (Medium Moderate)

Information for new hikes will be posted as soon as information is gathered.  They will appear on the user’s sidebar on the website and on our social networks.  Hike leads for each hike will be named in each event’s hike page.


We discussed a few ideas regarding some upcoming events:

LATH Planning Meeting/Group Social
DATE: Wednesday, April 21, 2010 @ 7:30pm
LOCATION: Casa De Luna Coffee House – Bellflower, CA
NOTE: This date, time and venue were chosen by the meeting attendees.

LATH Road Trip Hike
DATE: TBD (Saturday Morning – Early May 2010)
LOCATION: Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area (Las Vegas, NV)
– All hikers will be responsible for their individual travel, hotel , and food arrangements (Everyone’s on their own)
– Note that there is $5 per vehicle Parking Pass required while in the Conservation Area
– Hikers will meet on Saturday morning at a designated meeting point
– Designated hike will be Moderate, 3-4 mile round trip.
– After the hike, hikers will be dismissed to enjoy Las Vegas!
– Full details for hike/trip to be determined and posted.

LATH Fundraiser
– LA Trail Hikers would like to become an Alliance Organization member with the American Hiking Society
– In order to do so, we must provide an annual fee of $50.00
– Our fundraiser would allow us to pay for these dues and become recognized as a member of this prestigious hiking association.
– Information about the American Hiking Society at:


The updated version of was discussed and presented at the meeting.

New features that had a debut at the meeting were:
– Groups
– Forums
– Photos (Gallery & Email your pictures to [email protected])
– Clickable ‘Facebook’ logo on home page to display LATH Facebook FanBox
– Sitewide “Activity” section (All publicly viewable activity by LATH members)
– Post a video for your personal ‘Activity’ update. Allowable video links can come from:
– – YouTube
– –
– – Vimeo
– – DailyMotion
– – Flickr
– – Hulu
– – Viddler
– – Qik
– – Revision3
– – Photobucket
– – Scribd
– –

New features that were added after the meeting:
– Twitter for Groups (one twitter username per line or seperated by commas?)
– Links (with voting capability)
– Display ‘My Friends’ for signed-in members in sidebar
– Display Random Member in sidebar

We also talked about setting up “Hiker’s Choice” Poll.  We will give our members a chance to vote for their choice of hike for a Sunday in May, aka “Hiker’s Choice Sunday.”  The winning hike would then be scheduled on the indicated Sunday.


No other items were considered at this time.