201311hikesThe holidays are here and our hike leads have scheduled a great set of hikes for the months of November and December. This time around, we are having a LATH Open House event where you can come meet the hiking group, get some hiking advice, and enjoy some good social time with us off the trails. In addition, to make this holiday season a little more special for some, we’re going to designate four of the following hikes as toy drop-off points for our first LATH Toy Drive. We’ll be providing full information regarding the toy drive in a separate posting for you to bring a new/unwrapped toy, to our hike leads to collect. We’ll then give them to a designated facility/organization to give to those who could use them a little more this time of year. As you know may already know, when the holidays are right around the corner, it’s usually the indication that our hiking season is coming to a close . But fear not, for there is plenty of hiking before our hike leads take a Winter Break (Dec 16 to Jan 8) to enjoy some well deserved time off. We’ve also included some information about our upcoming 2014 LATH Hiking season which will include a Road Trip to Grand Canyon National Park. So take the time to look at all the hikes and start adding them to your schedules. We look forward to having you join us on a hike and, as always, Rediscovering Los Angeles!

BEFORE YOU CLICK ON A HIKE BELOW, PLEASE NOTE: When clicking on the links below, keep in mind that the associated hike information page may not be up to date with regards to its meeting info/date/time it was linked from. However, it will display (or be created with) the correct information (date, times, and assigned hike lead) as the hike approaches its scheduled date. It does take some work to update these, so we work on the ones with closer upcoming dates first.


Nov 16 – Claremont Hills Wilderness

Sat – Nov 02 – Level 8 – Mt Wilson* – 7:30 AM
Sun – Nov 03 – Level 7 – La Jolla Canyon – 7:30 AM
Wed – Nov 06 – Level 5 – Griffith Park – Vermont – 7:00 PM
Sat – Nov 09 – Level 2 – Lower Arroyo Seco – 8:30 AM
Sun – Nov 10 – Level 5 – Griffith Park – Vermont – 5:00 PM
Wed – Nov 13 – Level 5 – Griffith Park – Vermont – 7:00 PM
Thu – Nov 14 – LATH Open House* – 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Sat – Nov 16 – Level 4 – Claremont Hills Wilderness – 8:00 AM
Sun – Nov 17 – Level 5 – Hacienda Heights – 8:00 AM
Wed – Nov 20 – Level 4 – Griffith Park – Vermont – 7:00 PM
Sat – Nov 23 – Level 5 – Hollywood Sign – 8:00 AM
Sun – Nov 24 – Level 5 – Griffith Park – Amir’s Garden – 9:00 AM
Wed – Nov 27 – Level 5 – Griffith Park – Merry Go Round – 7:00 PM


Nov 29 – Elysian Park – Portola Trail

Fri – Nov 29 – Level 6 – Elysian Park – Portola Trail – 10:00 AM
Sat – Nov 30 – Level 8 – Sandstone Peak & The Grotto* – 6:30 AM

Sun – Dec 01 – Level 3 – Monrovia Canyon Falls – 8:00 AM
Wed – Dec 04 – Level 5 – Griffith Park – Merry Go Round – 7:00 PM
Sat – Dec 07 – Level 3 – Will Rodgers Trail* – 8:00 AM
Sun – Dec 08 – Level 7 –
Wed – Dec 11 – Level 5 – Griffith Park – Merry Go Round – 7:00 PM
Sat – Dec 14 – Level 5 – Echo Mountain – 8:00 AM
Sun – Dec 15 – Level 4 – El Prieto Canyon – 8:00 AM

December 16, 2012 – January 7, 2013
During this time, the LA Trail Hikers group is dormant and will not schedule or lead any hikes. This allows our hikers and hike leads to enjoy the holiday season and take a well deserved break until we return the following season.

Cancelled Hike or Information

Added or Replacement Hike
* = New LATH Hike or Special Event (Information may be pending, if so, will be linked at a later date)

This year, during December LATH Hikes, you can bring a new or unwrapped toy to contribute to our first toy drive. We’ll be giving all collected toys to an appointed facility for distribution. Bringing a toy will not be required to attend any of the specified hikes. However, if you can do so, any contributions will be greatly appreciated.


Fall 2014 – LATH Road Trip – Grand Canyon

– First Hike of the 2014 LATH Hiking Season will be: Wednesday, January 8, 2014.
– During Fall of the 2014 season, the LA Trail Hikers will be going on Road Trip hike to Grand Canyon!

– Weekend hikes are primarily in the morning unless otherwise indicated.
– All hikes are subject to change, cancellation or other modifications. We may even add in additional hikes that may not appear on the original posting.
– We try to schedule 2-3 months worth of hikes so we always have a fresh new set every so often.

Please make sure to gauge yourself based on the hike’s difficulty level by looking at our Hike Level descriptions.
Find out more about hiking levels here:

1. Read the Hike’s details page.
2. Make sure that the Hike Level accommodates your hiking experience.
3. If, and only if it suits you, then (optional: RSVP via Facebook for the event and) show up the day of the hike with all necessary gear and water (we mention everything you need on each details page per hike).

Contrary to popular belief, you know your body and hiking experience better than your friends. Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced hiker, please read our hike details page as the hike may not suite your experience level. We have a better experience if every hike has hikers of the intended level.

DISCLAIMER: LA Trail Hikers and its Leads/Organizers/Participants do not take responsibility for any harm,bodily injury, accidents, or damage to personal property. By clicking “Attending,” or attending the hike, you confirming that you understand that all outdoor activity such as hiking, backpacking, and trekking have an associated danger, and will not hold any hike lead/organizer, participant, LA Trail Hikers, or any group associated pet responsible for any hazard to your well being. Additionally, you will not be allowed to participate with the group if you are not adequately prepared with enough water and the right gear/equipment/nutrition essential to complete the hike. You are fully responsible for yourself.